Stable Amino Acid Derivative for HPLC?

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Fmoc derivatives of amino acids are very stable, hence their use in peptide 
synthesis.  You also have a high absorbing chromophore for good sensititvity.  
Fmoc derivatization is also now the basis of a number of commercial amino acid 
analysis systems.



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>There a number of methods available for derivatizing amino acids and
>analyzing them by reverse-phase HPLC on a C18 column.  Unfortunately, many
>of these derivatives are not very stable.  Obviously, they are stable
>enough for analytical purposes.  But I am interested in doing preparative
>HPLC and isolating the purified amino acid derivatives; so if the
>derivatives aren't very stable, that sort of defeats the purpose.
>I would like to use a UV detector for detecting the derivatized amino
>acids.  Therefore, derivatives that are UV-absorbing (including fluorescent
>derivatives) are preferred (provided that they are stable).  Anyone know of
>any derivatives that fit these qualifications?
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