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TravelNews keeps on-line travellers updated on Fare Wars, cruise
and vacation specials, and other travel-related news.  To enroll
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Dear Client,   Special Preferred AirFares now available
by phone.....Great deals on Cruises....

Our Preferred Fares are now available by phone.  These special
AirFares are lower than the Airlines themselves and lower than
travel agencies.  We currently offer Preferred Fares with Delta,
Northwest, Continental, United, and American (Caribbean only). Call us
for the best rates for travel in the US, Canada, the Caribbean,
Europe, Central and South America, and more !! 
800-672-1672   (9am-6pm EST)   ** Fully Licensed & Bonded Airline 
Ticket supplier, serving clients worldwide since 1991. **

You'll never pay regular rates again!!  800-672-1672  (9am-6pm EST)

Tip...Most carriers are continuing to report record booking levels
for almost every market.  We recommend buying early  this
year for summer travel as all indications are that there will
be fewer Airfare sales because flights are filling quickly.

Did you know that we have lower fares than on-line booking !! 
Most transactions on-line take up to 40 minutes, ours take only
    5-10 minutes!! 

Cruise Deals...We're currently offering a special $99 Airfare 
Promotion on select Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises.
Use this promotion to save hundreds of dollars on your next cruise 
vacation.  Cruising is a wonderful vacation value and this special 
promotion will only last a short time, so HURRY !!  Call 800-672-1672 
(9am-6pm EST) and ask for a Cruise Specialist.

** This promotion valid on select dates, ships, and certain departure 
cities.  $99 Airfare offer is for savings on the airfare purchased in 
conjunction with the cruise offered, not the price of the cruise! 
$99 offer applies to most East Coast cities, rates slightly higher
for departures from Mid-West or West Coast cities. Subject
to change at anytime and VERY limited availability.  **

TravelNews keeps on-line consumers updated on AirFares, Fare Wars,
travel bargains, and other travel-related news.  If you would like a
subscription to this FREE news service, send email to
lowfares at bigfoot.com with the word  NEWS  in the SUBJECT
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Can also subscribe by calling  919-383-0388 ext. 11 and leaving
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