Metaphor XR agarose

Dr. J.P. Clewley jclewley at
Wed Jun 10 00:08:05 EST 1998

We've been using Metaphor XR agarose to analyse heteroduplexes
on agarose gels. This is more convenient than PAGE, but FMC say
they are no longer making XR (they want people to use MDE).

Can anyone suggest an agarose alternative to XR?

(please note Metaphor XR is different from regular Metaphor)

ref: Belda, F. J., K. L. Barlow, and J. P. Clewley.
1997. Subtyping HIV-1 by improved resolution of
heteroduplexes on agarose gels. J. Acquir. Immune
Defic. Synd. Hum. Retrovirol. 16:218-220.

Jon Clewley

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