RIPPA kit for RPA

Tue Jun 9 22:26:56 EST 1998

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  Gail Otulakowski <gotulak at> wrote:
> Has anyone tried the new RNAse protection proximity assay (RiPPA) kit
> from Amersham yet, or a similar homemade method?  Opinions?  The speed,
> and use of biotin and 33P instead of 32P are tempting.  However, I've
> had considerable trouble in the past getting a specific protected band
> from RPA (Maybe because my probe, to transcription start region, is
> GC-rich).  Without a gel step, in RiPPA, how would you know that your
> result is specific??

Hmmn, very good question. I would suggest also looking very very (very!)
carefully at the data in the marketing literature in terms of sensitivity.
Take the time to figure out copy number of their target. By the way, we do
biotinylated RPAs all the time.


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