How's Vent Pol. for blunting overhangs?

skorycd at skorycd at
Wed Jun 10 12:12:05 EST 1998

Nobody has mentioned Vent polymerase for blunting overhangs, in the most
recent thread of end-polishing.  New England Biolabs recommends Vent for both
5' overhang fill-ins and 3' overhang removal.  They didn't explain in the
catalog why it was the only one recommended for both applications.  I tried
it once with a difficult cloning (i.e. large unstable insert and no
blue/white screening) without any luck, but I'm not ready to give up on it.

Anyone else have experience with Vent?

Christopher D. Skory
Research Microbiologist
USDA -Agricultural Research Service
Peoria, IL

skorycd at

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