Microplate Reader

Joel Gagliardi jg121 at UMAIL.UMD.EDU
Wed Jun 10 11:02:47 EST 1998

Molecular Devices produces a single unit that will read from 190-1000nm, and
will also read from a cuvette in addition to all manner of microplates.  The
units goes for over $20,000, however, it is tunable and you should not need
to purchase any accessories, and it also serves as a spectrophotometer.

They are located on the web at:    http://www.moldev.com/

We recently purcahsed another model from them and are very happy with it.

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From: Arnold N. DuBell <dubell.1 at osu.edu>
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Date: Tuesday, June 09, 1998 5:25 PM
Subject: Microplate Reader

>Our department is considering purchasing a microplate reader for a
>variety of uses.  I've looked at a number of companies' products already
>(posted on the web), but am curious if anyone has suggestions.  I know
>it probably isn't possible, but we'd like to do UV, fluorescence, and
>luminescence (although on all the instruments I've seen so far, this
>option is separate from the other two.   Is there a physical reason for
>this, or is it just market economics)?
>Any and all help will be appreciated.  Thanks!
>Arnold DuBell
>dubell.1 at osu.edu

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