lambda gt22 sequencing primers...

Sai Iyer siyer at
Mon Jun 8 10:58:23 EST 1998

hey all,

	i need to sequence my inserts that is in a lambda gt22 vector.  i have
searched genbank to see if the vector is online, but i couldnt find it. 
i figure i can just cut it out using the unique sites in the
multicloning site , but i dont know how the library was made i.e which
enzymes were used.  i can probably just use the first most and last most
restriction sites as primers, but i think my yield in a PCR reaction is
gonna be piss poor if i do it that way.  does anyone have any idea as to
how i can get a sequence map of this phage vector?  the only phage
vector that is available online is the original lambda phage, but it has
been thru a billion mutations and manipulations to generate this gt22
vector (which is a gt11 variant with extra sites).  lambda gt11 is also
not online, as far as i have checked.  also, anyone have any knowledge
of any companies that might sell premade gt22 sequencing primers?? 
thanks much and please reply to siyer at .  
Sai Iyer (siyer at
Pre-doctoral fellow i.e lowly graduate student
Dept. of Biological Chemistry
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

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