Maxipreps and columns (or not?)

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>Hi all.
>Just run a quality control on a column maxiprep (NucleoBond from
>macherey-nagel). I noticed no difference in the look of the gel bands
>comparing the material I obtained after lysis and neutralization
>(KOAc step, i.e. that what I apply to the column) and the eluate from
>the column.
>So, I just wonder if all this fuss really is necessary (for doing
>transfections) or if simply a direct iPropOH precipitation would do
>it, too.
>Has anyone yet tried the transfection quality of not column or CsCl
>purified plasmids?
>The E. coli host I'm using is XL1-blue

I usually use the QIAGEN Maxi Kit which is like Nucleobond and the DNA is
very good for transfection (better than 2 CsCl). In CsCl, you are not sure
to eliminate all the other things.

So go and good luck for transfection

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