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Roger Murphy murphy_r at licre.ludwig.edu.au
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Have you looked at the Victor instrument made by Wallac?

I have absolutely no idea who handles this ageny in the US, but the instrument 
will measure as a photometer, a fluorometer, a time-delayed fluorometer and as 
a luminometer.  

It isn't cheap (again, I've no idea of US price and I hate to think of the 
aussie dollar price at the moment!) but it seems very versatile.  I haven't 
actually used one, but if its half as good as the company claims, it may be 
what you are looking for.



In article <357DA1DA.93F0541F at osu.edu>, " Arnold N. DuBell" <dubell.1 at osu.edu> 
>Our department is considering purchasing a microplate reader for a
>variety of uses.  I've looked at a number of companies' products already
>(posted on the web), but am curious if anyone has suggestions.  I know
>it probably isn't possible, but we'd like to do UV, fluorescence, and
>luminescence (although on all the instruments I've seen so far, this
>option is separate from the other two.   Is there a physical reason for
>this, or is it just market economics)?
>Any and all help will be appreciated.  Thanks!
>Arnold DuBell
>dubell.1 at osu.edu

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