Dom Spinella dspinella at
Fri Jun 12 10:17:16 EST 1998

> Hi:
> Is it just me, my group, or has anyone else had trouble with the last few
> batches of SAP from BMB?
> For a while, my crew was bringing me plates with minimal colonies on the
> vector alone control plates. I was begining to think there was nothing
> that couldn't be ligated.
> Then is seems as though the last two batches of BMB SAP, have been less
> than optimal. The colony stats have gone to pot and all mini-preps are
> vector alone as well as the total count of colonies has dropped. 
> Curious,
> David

Nope it isn't just you ... we've had the same problem. Went away went we
switched back to Cip. I guess its back to phenol extractions until BMB
gets their act together... Anybody else notice this?
Cheers, Dom Spinella

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