Nonradioactive labeling/detection info wanted

Ricardo Silva Ricardo.Silva at CIGB.EDU.CU
Fri Jun 12 11:54:23 EST 1998

If sensitivity is not your highest priority, try the ECL direct
detection system (Amersham). I've used a couple of systems based on
incorporation of hapten-labeled nucleotides (digoxigenin, fluorescein,
and a home-made biotin-streptavidin thing) followed by detection with
a secondary antibody, and they can't beat the ECL direct system for
speed and robustness.

(No affiliation with Amersham)

> Hi -
> I'm interested in giving nonradioactive labeling and detection a try
> and am interested in hearing about the relative merits/pitfalls of
> the various systems which are commercially available.
> Thanks in advance
> Robert Schoenfeld
> Univ. Utah

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