electroporation/use no steril glycerol

Nougayrède Jean-Philippe jpnoug at hol.fr
Fri Jun 12 18:56:41 EST 1998

We currently electroporate E. coli cells with the BioRad apparatus; we
filter-sterilize (0.22) the 10% glycerol in high quality water... using an
autoclaved stock of high grade glycerol. The efficiency is very good, even
with wild type strains. Biorad has gone crazy, or what ? ;-)

JP Nougayrede.
Mol Microbiology Lab. Toulouse. Fr.

Christian Ebeling wrote in <358158B1.1CB1 at mail.mpiem.gwdg.de>...
>hi bionetters,
>anybody knows why BIORAD write in the manual "High Efficiency
>Elektroporation of E.coli":...Do not autoclave or filter-sterilize the
>glycerol solution...? I do everything to avoid contaminations, but in
>this step of the manual I have to work not steril!?

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