Clontech for baculovirus? NOT! NUNCA! NIEN!

Gregg Silk greggsilk at
Fri Jun 12 18:16:01 EST 1998

I tried the Clontech BacPak baculovirus kit 2 years ago and they did not offer
anything innovative, the kits were very expensive, the number of reactions per
kit was extremely low, the "controls" were essentially pointless except to
consume all the reagents in the kit, and technical support was useless. The
little Clontech manual is nice, however. 

I then used the  Life Technologies BactoBac kit, which has some very elegant
and effective genetics (Monsanto's), it's about 1000X better at producing
recombinants, and much much faster. 

If the kit says expressed protein in "3 days," it means "3 months" (Life Tech)
or "never, and the time you waste may cost you your job" (Clontech). The Life
Tech kit will get you there, but you have to figure out PCR and sequencing
controls to verify the recombination steps along the way. But at least with
BactoBac (LifeTech) it's possible to characterize your intermediate constructs
which are easy to get. BacPak (Clontech) is the traditional homologous
recombination shot in the dark which was OK back when a whole lab getting
anything expressed was a big deal, but that doesn't cut it today.  

So what was the question about titre anyway?


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