We Apologize

afrost at choice-catalogs.com afrost at choice-catalogs.com
Sun Jun 14 14:22:01 EST 1998

Choice Marketing Group and CyberTech Institute apologize for the unintentional SPAM you received from us and feel an explanation is in order. 

Choice Marketing Group's development of "OnLine Secretary" was an earnest attempt to substantially reduce the need for SPAM. During the month of May, Choice carried out an extensive e-mail campaign introducing "Special Offers" a Freebee and deep discount program that allowed Netizens to choose whether they wanted to maintain their privacy or wished to be placed into any of the sixteen categories that receive specific Special Offers. The mailing assured everyone that they would always receive something worthwhile. The initial offering included OnLine Secretary, a free contact database and e-mail service, etc. Our Special Offers program was to be offered FREE or at a very low cost to those advertisers, thus greatly reducing if not ending SPAM.

What happened was that at 1:30 AM one night Choice's Special Offers (a low security third-party database) was hacked. Our categories survey database was deleted while the hacker bragged over the phone to our evening manager. We lost a substantial amount of the list, but thought our automatic back-up was ok. It was not, neither was our software. The remove function was tampered with and a portion of the general mailing and categories were shuffled into the wanting All Advertising category. We all became the victims of the resultant mailing for CyberTech Certification. 

We deeply regret any inconvenience or expense this caused you. We have dropped the Special Offers program and will probably not promote OnLine Secretary. In an effort to improve our injured name we are offering you a FREE NO STRINGS ATTACHED $75 ENROLLMENT IN ANY CYBERTECH CERTIFICATION PROGRAM. For more information, please go to:


This will be Choice Marketing Group's last mailing. If this e-mail offends you, we again apologize. I was raised to apologize when an action I have taken offends someone. I couldn't just let it go without an explanation.


Alan P. Frost
afrost at choice-catalogs.com 

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