electroporation/use no steril glycerol

z z-suldan at ski.mskcc.nospam.org
Sun Jun 14 12:08:49 EST 1998

In article <358158B1.1CB1 at mail.mpiem.gwdg.de>, ebeling at mail.mpiem.gwdg.de wrote:

> hi bionetters,
> anybody knows why BIORAD write in the manual "High Efficiency
> Elektroporation of E.coli":...Do not autoclave or filter-sterilize the
> glycerol solution...? I do everything to avoid contaminations, but in
> this step of the manual I have to work not steril!?
> ebel

All I can say is that when we've autoclaved the glycerol for
electrocompetent bugs, we get lousy efficiencies (this is not true by the
way for CaCl2 bugs, although we don't autoclave the glycerol for them
either anymore).

Good luck, 


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