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Sun Jun 14 21:01:31 EST 1998

A word of caution with the ECL kit.  Amersham will only warrant this product
for three months from date of purchase.  We had kits that went off after a
time, and their response to our enquiries was that some components in the
kits only had a six month shelf life, and as they would keep them in stock
for up to 3 months, they would only guarentee them for three months after
that.  Other than that, it is a very good system.


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  Ricardo.Silva at CIGB.EDU.CU ("Ricardo Silva") wrote:
> Robert,
> If sensitivity is not your highest priority, try the ECL direct
> detection system (Amersham). I've used a couple of systems based on
> incorporation of hapten-labeled nucleotides (digoxigenin, fluorescein,
> and a home-made biotin-streptavidin thing) followed by detection with
> a secondary antibody, and they can't beat the ECL direct system for
> speed and robustness.
> alejandro
> (No affiliation with Amersham)
> > Hi -
> > I'm interested in giving nonradioactive labeling and detection a try
> > and am interested in hearing about the relative merits/pitfalls of
> > the various systems which are commercially available.
> >
> > Thanks in advance
> > Robert Schoenfeld
> > Univ. Utah
> >
> >

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