anti-myc (9E10) hybridoma anyone?

Frank O. Fackelmayer fof1 at
Tue Jun 16 10:33:34 EST 1998

Hi all,
I´m going to express a myc-tagged protein, and will need to detect it. As far
as I know, the 9E10 monoclonal is the best available ab for the myc-tag. There
are several companies out there who want to sell this ab to me for LOTS (!) of
money, although the hybridoma is readily available thru ATCC (CRL-1729) at
$155. So, making the ab myself would be much cheaper if i had the hybridoma, i guess.
Has anyone tried the hybridoma from ATCC? results? I also wonder whether
someone in Europe would be willing to supply me with an aliquot of that
hybridoma? That´s just because I have heard that ATCC is somewhat slow in
sending materials, and it would be best to have the hybridoma soon.


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