Clontech for baculovirus? NOT! NUNCA! NIEN!

Gregg Silk greggsilk at
Wed Jun 17 08:35:26 EST 1998

One round of plaque purification? That's  a huge improvement over traditional
systems. Plaque purification is the weeks and weeks of work  most suppliers
forget to mention when they promise protein in 3 days. 

>> No nonrecombinant virus background, avoids  marathons of plaque
>I used this system. As I did not know how well it works I have done one 
>round of plaque purification. I had some strange results: from some bacmid 
>preparations I got no virus clone which expressed the desired protein. 
>Ok, this is easy to explain: the blue-white selection for the recombinant 
>did not work. But from some bacmid preparations I got a few virus clones 
>which expressed the desired protein and a few which did not. Although I 
>checked the E. coli clones which I used for the bacmid preparation again 
>on a plate if they stayed white.

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