Source for human genomic DNA and PCR primers?

Tracy Aquilla taquilla at
Wed Jun 17 06:43:30 EST 1998

I have been out of the lab for a while now, and I do not have any catalogs
at my disposal (amazing how much one can forget in two years). I am
beginning a PCR project, and I need some control reagents. I'll be using a
PE 9600 unit.

I am looking for a commercial source of human genomic DNA that has been
PCR-tested positive, to use as positive control DNA. I would also like to
obtain some PCR primer pairs that can be used as positive control primers
(ideally something that amplifies consistently, specific conditions, etc.)
in PCR of human genomic DNA.

Which suppliers provide 'proven' primer pairs for PCR of human genomic DNA?
Alternatively, can anyone suggest papers that describe such primers, or a
gene that is relatively easy to amplify?

Is this stuff available anywhere? I am looking forward to getting back into
some lab work, but I don't have time to waste. Thanks for any help you can

Thomas T. Aquilla, Ph.D.
Genetic Engineering and Biotech
Research and Consulting, Ltd.
taquilla at

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