2-compartment cell culture system

Samuel Gray samuel.gray at nottingham.ac.uk.nospam
Thu Jun 18 09:14:31 EST 1998

Hello netters,

I want to set up a cell culture system for measuring endothelial cell
permeability. I have seen this described in several papers using a
2-compartment culture system whereby endothelial cell monolayers are
established on a membrane and then albumin flux across the membrane is
measured spectrophotometrically. However, none of the references I have
found give any details of how exactly this is done or where the
2-compartment system can be obtained. Can anyone help shed any light on

What we would need would be a culture flask of some kind split in two by a
permeable membrane in such a way that liquid could be withdrawn easily from
each compartment for sampling.

I'll be very grateful if anyone know where we can obtain such a system.

Samuel Gray,
Division of Vascular Medicine,
Derby Royal Infirmary,

samuel.gray at nottingham.ac.uk

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