Estrogen receptor

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I'm not totally familiar with the literature, but this reference (and ones
contained within) might be a place to start.  Hope it helps!
J Biol Chem 1997 Apr 25;272(17):11526-11534

Chromatin remodeling by transcriptional activation domains
in a yeast episome.

Stafford GA, Morse RH

Molecular Genetics Program, Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of
Health and
State University of New York School of Public Health, Albany, New York
12201-2002, USA.


Heather Greaves wrote:

> Hi everyone,
>         I'm relatively new to this area and have a simple question.  Is the
> entire estrogen receptor protein (nearly 600 aa) required to bind to the
> ligand.  I realize that the protein has three domains but am curious if
> the ligand binding domain is in itself enough to bind estrogenic
> ligands.  If so, is the entire domain required or are there critical
> primary sequences involved in ligand recognition.  Feedback would be
> very much appreciated. I would also appreciate any good references
> relative to the estrogen receptor.
> Thanks much,
> Mike

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