epitope tag: two or one?

Chris Boyd chrisb at hgu.mrc.ac.uk
Fri Jun 19 05:32:35 EST 1998

Darren A. Natale (dnatale at box-d.nih.gov.nospam) wrote:
: Guy Oshiro wrote:
: > 
: > It is commone to repeat the epitope tag.  It is common to see 3xHA tags
: > and 9xMyc tags in the literture and in my clones.  You get a much
: > better signal with the repeats than the single.

: Okay, so does anybody have vectors for these multiple tags?  I (and
: likely others) would be interested in vectors that allow for N-terminal
: or C-terminal tags of hexahis, FLAG, c-myc, HA, and any other you might
: have.

It's far cheaper and more flexible to use PCR to add tags to order,
then clone into a single conventional vector.

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