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>> My question is:
>> What is the best control for in situ hybridization with RNA probes.  Is an
>> irrelavent probe as valid as the sense probe?
>An unrelated sequence does not control for gc rich regions or repetitive
>sequences found in a specific probe. Go with the sense strand probe.

OK for GC rich I suppose (although any sequence of roughly equivalent
composition would surely do). But I don't understand why the sense strand
is a better control for repetitive sequences. To take one common simple
repetitive element in flies: CANCANCANCANCANetc. The anti-sense probe will
be etcN'TGN'TGN'TGN'TGN'TGN'TG which might hybe beautifully to the
gazzilion mRNAs containing CAN repeats and potentially mislead you about
the expression pattern of your-favourite-gene. The sense probe however
seems extremely unlikely to hybridise to this common repeat



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