Sensitive alkaline phosphatase assay?

Wolfgang Schechinger wgschech at
Sun Jun 21 16:18:53 EST 1998

Recently, I came over a substance that could be suitable for your 
prblem: Methyl umbelliferyl phosphate is a fluorogenic substrate for 
AP. In the Fluka catalogue you'll find some references IIRC. 


> Does anyone know of an assay for alkaline phosphatase that is more
> sensitive than the colorimetric (i.e. p-nitrophenyl phosphate) one?
> A radiochemical one, perhaps? or could I adapt one of the
> chemiluminescent southern/northern protocols? A problem I see here
> is that the luminescent products are (necessarily) insoluble wheras
> for an enzyme assay it would be better if it were soluble... 
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