epitope tag: two or one?

rmeili_nospamare at hotmail.com rmeili_nospamare at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 21 02:39:02 EST 1998

Thanks for your answers:

I was hoping for a more than linear effect for two vs one epitope which
seems not to be the case

Bernard Murray: Thanks for the clarification concerning binding to IgG. If
only one site can be bound then you will probably see some sort of linear
increase when you add multiple tags. As Guy Oshiro pointed out this is
still very useful.

Chris Boyd and Darren Natale: It is cheap to add one epitope but it will be
more difficult to add multiple epitopes by PCR alone.

Thomas R. Anderson: The reason for my cryptic mail address is obviously
spam. I did get NONE for over six years now but I got some very nasty ones
the last week. I did not like it!


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