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Mon Jun 22 20:47:26 EST 1998

Hello methods

I got my first shipment of TrimPatch on May 5 and I have lost 17 pounds!!! 
The product just launched April 1, 1998, so there is still plenty of room on this 
opportunity and 
they have new products coming out this year. 
A patch for stress, a patch for sleep and a high powered patch for dieting, Natural 
TrimUrgent, which is especially 
for strong cravings. I hope it works on beer !! You can order TrimPatch for $ 79 
dollars and recieve a 1 Month's supply. 
This time next week you could proclaim a drop in weight. It seems to really work on 
the urge to eat between meals. 
And I seem to have some extra energy this week. Also, it is an opportunity for a great 
home business. For just a minimum 
$ 167 dollars, you can become your own distributor!! I did !! 
Order application and debit form can be downloaded at: 
Just insert my sponsors ID # 824 and we will assign your Placement when we get 
your order. Fax to the number 
on the forms and welcome. Fax a copy to 330-724-4788 for your 
placement...hurry...this company is going places. 
These Products to be Introduced this Year ! What Will This Do For 
Natural StressPatch Natural SleepPatch Natural TrimUrgent 
My first order arrived UPS with first class literature and packaging....I am really 
pleased.....I put a 24 hour patch 
on and was pleasantly surprised that it was clear....you really have to look for 
it....my wife could not find it!! 
I thought it would look like a smokers..; ) 
Please take a look at their web site and see if you are interested... I need to drop 
about 10 more pounds, myself, 
and I have plenty of friends that love food.... I will keep you posted on my results... 
the convenience sells it for me.... 
Americans love convenience.......Thanks for listening....... Please visit our site-----
> Health and Wealth !!! 
David C.
Naturalbodylines, Inc. My ID# 824 
mailto:davidc at davidc.com 

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