Urgent: can't resupend my DNA!!!!

Arnoud van Vliet arnoud at vanvliet.u-net.com
Mon Jun 22 19:22:21 EST 1998

Did you dry it extensively after the 70% EtOH wash? If yes, well don't!
Put it in a large volume of TE, with SDS, wait, hope for the best and if it
starts dissolving again, EtOH ppt and was in 70% EtOH, but don't dry it.

hope this helps!

"Urbani, Nicola" wrote in message
<3B675D1AC3E1D111BC1600805FEACC6710A5AC at lauimls05.qc.dfo.ca>...
>Does anybody know what to do when genomic DNA doesn't resupend after an
>ethanol precipitation in the presence of Sodium acetate?

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