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Wolfgang Schechinger wgschech at
Mon Jun 22 16:47:27 EST 1998

Hello all, hello Bill Hearl from KPL!

I'm concerned about the service offered from KPL. 

All bionet postings yet may be searched an retrieved through the WWW 
the methods and reagents board at

It seems to me that KPL is exploiting the BIONET for commercial 
purposes by offering this somehow edited list. What does 'relevant 
articles' mean? Who decides about the value of a posting? I feel 
bad when my and other's contributions to the newsgroup (NG) are used 
for attracting customers to KPLs WWW pages. The 'spam free' argument 
does not count for me since spam is not a problem in this NG. 

Simultaneously, on many BIONET pages there is still unfilled space 
for ads, and probably there still is a big need for funding the 
people investing time and energy for maintaining this great means of 
communication and also for providing the technical equipment for 
keeping BIONET alive.

Since advertisements in this NG are absolutely unwelcome, I barely 
imagine that this approach by KPL coincides with the newsgroup's 
policy. (In contrary, no objection would be made on a 
link on KPLs pages pointing to the molbio board).

This topic is open for discussion
contribute your pros and cons!

Wolfgang Schechinger
Univesity of Tuebingen,

> We are trying out a new service at our web site which re-posts ONLY 
> relavent scientific messages on a weekly basis.  All messages are
> copied, unedited, to a dated web page for quick scanning. 
> Hopefully, future efforts will include an index and a search engine.
>  The page can be found at:
> I welcome any comments you have on the utility of such a web page.
> Thanks! Bill Hearl billh at
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