Sensitive alkaline phosphatase assay?

WHearl whearl at
Mon Jun 22 13:44:12 EST 1998

KPL has two substrates which are improvements over pNpp:  BluePhos, a
two-component substrate for ELISA  and LuciGLO, a single component
chemiluminescence / chromogenic substrate.

BluePhos, based on BCIP chemistry, results in a deep blue colored product which
is soluble and is read at 620-650 nm. 

LuciGLO is based on lucigenin chemistry, begins to emit light at maximum in
less than 5 minutes and glows for over 6 hours.  It also generates a colored
product which can be read spectrophotometrically or precipitated on a membrane.
 It is not as expensive as other chemi- substrates for AP (e.g. CSP*).

for information see:

Bill Hearl
VP of R&D
Gaithersburg, MD

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