E_gel system from Invitrogen. Any experience with it?

drdad at ktc.com drdad at ktc.com
Mon Jun 22 06:46:57 EST 1998


My lab technician tried one this morning and it worked OK.  There was a
little bit of streaking in the DNA, I think from the bottoms of the wells
ripping out when the comb was removed.  She was very careful, but the
bottoms of several wells ripped out.  I'm not yet convinced to keep them
in the lab, but will try them again soon.  I don't think they will be as
sensitive as our current procedure of using our "home made" minigels
stained with FMC Gel Star.  Now that is one nice dye for DNA!!

But in the interests of saving my technicians time, we might stick with
the E gel system.

Hope this helps a little...I wish I knew hoe to prevent those E gel wells
from ripping at the bottoms.  Maybe we will try to refrigerate them.

Felix Guerrero, Ph.D.
drdad at ktc.com

In article <Euy9Lr.5DF at news.ki.se>, "Csaba Kiss" <csakis at ki.se> wrote:

> Hi!
> I saw the ads of Invitrogen about this new way of electrophoresis. Did
> anyone of You tried the system? Is it worth it? Did you get better result?
> Is it cheaper or more expensive than normal electrophoresis?
> Thanx
> Csaba Kiss
> csakis at ki.se
> MTC Karolinska Institute
> Stockholm, Sweden

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