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Mon Jun 22 04:18:32 EST 1998

The Science Advisory Board ( is an online
panel of more than 3,400 life scientists that "convenes" electronically
to voice their opinions on emerging technologies, products and issues
related to vendor performance.  The results of our studies are then made
available to industry so that the perspectives of those with "hands-on"
experience are fully incorporated into the development of new life
science products.

We are currently involved in an examination of image analysis
technologies and their use in Fluorescent In-Situ Hybridization (FISH),
CGH, and/or karyotyping.  As you are probably aware, there are a number
of systems manufactured by commercial vendors on the market.  In our
conversations with several dozen researchers, we have found that many
consider these commercial systems to be extremely expensive and often
exceed the budgets of many laboratories.

The goal of our study, therefore, is to better understand which system
features and related products (e.g., probes, reagents, etc.) are
considered most essential, and which could possibly be included only as
options.  The end result would be a system configuration that meets the
needs of a wider group of molecular biologists.  To achieve this
objective, we are conducting a series of brief (approximately 10
minutes) telephone interviews with researchers in the United States and
Canada with experience in the use of image analysis systems from:

Applied Imaging
Perceptive Scientific

If you would like to share your opinions on commercial image analysis
systems with us, please send me email me at k.blaine at
stating which system you are currently using, and a brief description of
your research.  ALL responses will be held in strict confidence!  If you
are selected for an interview you will receive an honorarium or you can
direct us to make an equivalent donation to the charity of your choice.

Thank you for your interest!

Karen L. Blaine
Project Manager
The Science Advisory Board
k.blaine at

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