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klaus klaus at molgen.biologie.uni-marburg.de
Mon Jun 22 03:15:30 EST 1998

Bruce J. Turner wrote:
> I may be doing some work in the coming year that will depend on some
> version of the differential display technique to compare transcript pools
> from developing fish embryos treated in various ways.  I am only generally
> familiar with the technique, and would appreciate references to articles
> which deal with its nuances, latest modifications, pitfalls, potential
> problems, sensitivity, etc.  I suspect that these questions are frequent
> enough to constitute a "differential display faq" so please forgive me if
> I'm covering old ground---I'm just an old DNA gel jock,new to these lists,
> and unused to the world of RNA and gene expression...  Thanks much for any
> help.
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Hi Bruce,

look for the latest catalog of the GenHunter Corporation. The founder of
this corporation is Dr. Peng Liang, co-inventor of dif. dis.. In the
back of the catalog there is a huge reference list which should provide
You with all the information You want. Their address is
GenHunter Corp.
624 Grassmere Park Drive, Suite #17
Nashville, TN 37211
Phone: 615-833-0665 or 800-311-8260
Fax: 615-832-9561
e-mail: genhunt at telalink.net
Homepage at: www.nashville.net/~genhunt
Good luck!


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