why my Northern blot do not work?

Mon Jun 22 20:51:14 EST 1998

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  adobrovi at medicine.adelaide.edu.au (alex dobrovic) wrote:
> There has been other people with problems with Hybond N+ so we changed to
> Brightstar from
> Ambion (no affiliation) on the basis that they specialised in RNA. We have
> had good results. It costs more but then so does labour and RNA  and loss
> of morale.

Well, being affiliated with Ambion :-)..thank you for the recommendation. In
reality, there are only a few (3) companies that actually make membranes. I
am told that if you actually saw these guys with big squeegies slopping the
mix onto the nylon backing you wouldn't believe it. In any case, some of what
you pay for is Quality Control. We actually check every lot of membrane we
sell for performance in northern blotting  and non isotopic detection. Both
signal and background is quantitated.

I doubt the problem was the hybond N+, but you never know.

Eric Lader
Senior Scientist
Ambion, Inc.

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