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Tue Jun 23 10:53:35 EST 1998

Hello Bill Hearl from KPL, 

While you state in your email that you would make an inquiry how 
people *would think about* offering such a servie (i.e. archiving 
postings from bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts on the KPL-web site fro 
all who don't have the start of this thread <6mmjdf$m6m at>), on 
KPL's site there are already one weeks' postings (probably 
completely) archived and accessible. I even would discourage you from 
keeping the archive without pointing to it publically. How would you 
withdraw the already published information about your archive at 
all? The only way will be removing the archive from your site. Why 
not better maintaining a link to BIOSCI 
( on your website and placing some ads 
on the BIOSCI pages for funding the discussion groups and the other 
services offered?

Bill, your argument of spam and adult filtered archive is simply 
ridculous. First, there are not more than two or three spams per day 
and it's no problem at all to set up a filter in a email program or 
newsreader to keep the trash away. (Or do I only see such a few junk 
mails because of my filters ;-)) Anyway, there is free and easy to 
use software like FreeAgent or Pegasus Mail that enable us to manage 
the problem. And If one does a keyword search in an archive at 
BIOSCI, the question doesn't arise at all. At all: nobody forces you 
to read spam and adult messages, just IGNORE them. There's no need 
for a spam filtered archive.

Of course such a service could be useful to some people, but please 
let me point out again that such an archive already exists, even 
a searchable one, it is for free and it is NOT COMMERCIALLY 

You will find on the web at

I want to stress again, that this action could be detrimental to the 
whole bionet. This is my major concern for ranting here on this 
issue. Maybe the people from BIOSCI will tell us more about this, 
a copy of this mail is on the way to biosci-help at

I would like to underline my statements by a citation from 
the biosci homepage. (

(citation starts here)
The U.S. BIOSCI node is looking for additional sponsors to help
continue its work. Sponsors will be able to have their advertisement
displayed in any of numerous locations on our Web pages, have a
hyperlink to their home page, and gain other advertising exposure
through the BIOSCI documentation and BIOSCI presentations at
scientific meetings. Please contact biosci-help at for
details on how your organization can help BIOSCI continue its service
to the biology community. 
(end of citation)

Closing, I would like to compare your (KPL's) approach with that of a 
photo dealer who makes prints from a film he developed for me and now 
displays these prints in his windows without my consent. I think this 
is somehow similar to the situation discussed here. I don't like my 
postings to be found on a commercial site. So please remove at least 
mine from your archive.


Wolfgang Schechinger

(This is the reply Bill from KPL sent to my email address, it does 
not seem to differ from that one he posted to the group)

> I had replied personally to Wolfgang Schechinger by e-mail and I
> will post the essence of that reply here:
> I have similar concerns about putting the notes  on the KPL site,
> but I felt like it might serve a useful purpose by permitting easy
> scanning of the topics.
>  I posted my plans for the web page to the NG for your feedback.
> If you look at what I put up on the KPL site, you will see that the
> only thing I took out of the site was the "make a million" posts,
> adult site solicitations, etc.  No other editorial changes were
> made, even though many of the posts direct people to suppliers of
> products other than KPL.  
> While certainly I would like to attract people to visit the KPL
> site, I hope that providing the messages on the website as I have,
> increases the awareness of this valuable information exchange tool
> to the scientific community. Speaking for myself, I have found it
> almost impossible to keep up with all the posts.   I end up not
> reading many messages because they are difficult to scan.
>  There may be software out there that is more user friendly than
>  what I have,
> but I thought that if I could make it  accessible to more people,
> add some database and indexing functions, that it would be worth
> giving it a try.
> If the general sentiment of the usenet population is this is an
> abuse of the NG than I will discontinue public publication of this
> particular web page.
> Bill Hearl
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