RNA from whole blood

Qiacom qiacom at aol.com
Tue Jun 23 22:47:06 EST 1998

I'd suggest Qiagen's RNeasy Blood RNA Kit or Omega Biotek's EZNA Blood RNA Kit.
 Both incoporate a step for removal of Red cells before lysis of WBC.  And both
use spin columns for isolation of total RNA in a few minutes.  yield is usually
not so high, but the RNA is clean enough for RT-PCR or one or two lanes of a
northern.  For viral DNA or RNA from blood Qiagen's QiaAmp Viral Kit is good. 
Omega Biotek, gives you a protocol for viral DNA and/or RNA isolation from
serum, plasma. etc using theirzblood RNA Kit.  e have used Omega's kit for HCV
detection with success.

Hope this helps.


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