RbCl transformation method

William A. Rosche, Ph.D. wrosche at bu.edu
Tue Jun 23 15:07:48 EST 1998

Dear Daniel,

    The reference that I use is
            Methods Enzymol 1991;204:63-113
            Plasmid transformation of Escherichia coli and other bacteria.
            Hanahan D, Jessee J, Bloom FR

    I do the heat shock in a 1.5-ml microcentrifuge tube in a 42C water bath
for 45 seconds.  I think that it helps that it's a water bath, not an air
incubator at 42C.

    Efficiencies vairy with strain and cell prep, and I don't have numbers in
front of  to answer those questions.

    Feel free to contact me directly.

    William A. Rosche, Ph.D.
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow

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