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WHearl whearl at
Tue Jun 23 08:51:44 EST 1998

I had replied personally to Wolfgang Schechinger by e-mail and I will post the
essence of that reply here:

I have similar concerns about putting the notes  on the KPL site, but I felt
like it might serve a useful purpose by permitting easy scanning of the topics.
 I posted my plans for the web page to the NG for your feedback.

If you look at what I put up on the KPL site, you will see that the only thing
I took out of the site was the "make a million" posts, adult site
solicitations, etc.  No other editorial changes were made, even though many of
the posts direct people to suppliers of products other than KPL.  

While certainly I would like to attract people to visit the KPL site, I hope
that providing the messages on the website as I have, increases the awareness
of this valuable information exchange tool to the scientific community. 
Speaking for myself, I have found it almost impossible to keep up with all the
posts.   I end up not reading many messages because they are difficult to scan.
 There may be software out there that is more user friendly than what I have,
but I thought that if I could make it  accessible to more people, add some
database and indexing functions, that it would be worth giving it a try.

If the general sentiment of the usenet population is this is an abuse of the NG
than I will discontinue public publication of this particular web page.

Bill Hearl

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