re-posting of newsgroup on the web

Frank O. Fackelmayer fof1 at
Tue Jun 23 05:29:15 EST 1998

Hi Bill,
I wouldn´t like to see such a service on a commercial basis. It exploits the
BIONET for making money with the expertise of contributers who are not
compensated for it. I guess it will stop many people from using BIONET
newsgroups as a free discussion forum. BIONET people will not be amused.


WHearl wrote:
> We are trying out a new service at our web site which re-posts ONLY  relavent
> scientific messages on a weekly basis.  All messages are copied, unedited, to a
> dated web page for quick scanning.  Hopefully, future efforts will include an
> index and a search engine.  The page can be found at:
> I welcome any comments you have on the utility of such a web page.
> Thanks!
> Bill Hearl
> billh at

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