Sequencing 2 year old PCR products.

Tim Beckenham s335698 at
Wed Jun 24 19:46:42 EST 1998

Hi all,

I need some advice on how to ensure good sequencing results using PCR products generated 2 years ago.
The products are vector PCR  amplificates [T7/SP6  primers (Promega) from the pGEM-T Vector system] in 
which 16S rDNA amplificates (27F/1492R) have been ligated.  These were amplified from cloned cells, but 
alas, no stocks have been kept. These products have been stored at -20C for all this time, and I plan to use
BigDye Terminating system for analysis.  

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated,as would direct email replies to my address.
Thanks in advance, 

Tim Beckenham

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