Hot start wax beads

Alastair Hamilton ah8 at
Wed Jun 24 19:42:50 EST 1998

Hi Jochen,
An alternative to the beads is to pipette molten wax into the PCR tube 
before use.  If you sit the tube on a balance it's possible to add a 
fairly consistent amount to each tube.  I've never been able to get near 
the accuracy of Ampliwax beads - I weighed a few out and they're spot on 
- I guess that's what we're paying for.  I was able to get 
reproducible results with RAPD's - not normally very forgiving of 
pipetting errors - so I think my method is consistent enough for most PCR 
applications, though its possible that impurities in the wax could create 
problems in some cases - I was using everyday paraffin wax and I 
believe ampliwax is considerably cleaner.
I replied to a similar question a while back and ABT sent me a sample of 
their beads, so in fairness to them, I should say I tried them, they 
worked fine and I understand that they are a cheaper option.


Alastair Hamilton
Institute of Aquaculture
University of Stirling
Scotland FK9 4LA

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