Help!! I need a Chl marker!!

Glenn Wall-Manning gmanning at
Wed Jun 24 16:15:04 EST 1998

Get hold of some pACYC184.  The map is in the NEB catalogue.  Genebank
accession no is X06403, which will allow you to design PCR primers.  Or try
a mini Tn10 transposon.  I think one of those is chlor res.
Good luck.

Glenn Wall-Manning
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Wellington School of Medicine
New Zealand
Darren Gilmour wrote in message <3591363D.B5 at>...
>I would like to find a Chloramphenicol resistance marker to use in a
>construct I'm making.  Can anyone point me to a source of such a
>cassette?  To be honest, I would rather not have to buy some fancy
>cloning kit when all I want to do is just cut or PCR out the marker.
>Many thanks.
>Darren Gilmour

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