www hydropathy plot software

Simon Mauch Simon.Mauch at uni-konstanz.de
Wed Jun 24 15:42:54 EST 1998

Hi Ricky,
you can find a huge mass of such (and other) anylsis tools on the
Pedro's BioMolecular Research Tools Website. This collection is
mirrored in the US, Germay, Swizerland and Japan. The german link is:
Go to part 1. There you find a list of usefull tools. There you might
find a relevant server for you.

A page directly adressing your problem is
at the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Geneva, Swizerland.
You will get an http-output of the plot and in addition they provide
the possibility to download the graphics file as a gif, postscipt or
whatsoever file.

Hope this helps,

>Hi folks,
>I was wondering if there's any web based programm for carrying out
>hydropathy plots like DNAsis does (or even nicer). Unfortunately
>the only DNAsis we have is on our boss' computer and he doesn't want
>to hang us around in his office.
>Thanks in advance

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