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Wed Jun 24 09:15:16 EST 1998

Try It Before You Buy It !

Have Your Downline Built BEFORE You Spend Any Money !

There are a number important factors that increase the chances of 
any networker becoming successful. Initially, the most important 
of these is the momentum and excitement of actively sponsoring 
new members. How would you like to know that you have an existing 
downline and team in place to continue to help you develop a 
network BEFORE you ever sign up or invest a penny ? With our Post
Launch I program you can!

A Post-launch is similiar to a pre-launch with two main 
differences. A Post-launch places a large group of excited 
individuals into an ESTABLISHED Marketing program instead of a 
Marketing plan that may only be testing the waters (80% of new 
MLM's go defunct in the first year of business). Secondly, our 
program uses a new and unique TEAM concept to help you to build a 

There is absolutely no risk to get involved and no cost to join 
Post-Launch I. 

For more information, type "Post-Launch Info" in the subject line 
and respond to Lyn_Phillips at  You may also send 
remove requests to this same address.
Lyn Phillips

You have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain ! 


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