Chloramphenicol resistance marker

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> try obtaining pACYC184 or 177.  Both of these carry a chloramphenicol
> resistance and their sequence is well documented.
> Good luck
> Lou Passador
> Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology
> Univ. of Rochester
> Rochester NY.

I beg to differ.  pACYC177 is amp/kan and does not confer chloramphenicol
resistance.  However, as you correctly say, pACYC184 is cam/tet
and carries the cam gene from Tn9.  The gene is not easy to remove
cleanly with restriction enzymes but PCR should be fine (this is
also advantageous as these are low copy vectors).
     You can obtain both of these plasmids free of charge from NEB
with any order.
     If memory serves me correctly you used to be able to buy
a conveniently tailed CAT cDNA fragment (don't know about the
promoter and terminator) from Pharmacia (? "Geneblock").
     I hope that something works for you,

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