DROP 10 Pounds In 3 Days !!!

cdancer721 at PFLM.aol.com cdancer721 at PFLM.aol.com
Thu Jun 25 19:18:30 EST 1998

Yes, I said 3 days, not 3 weeks! The Perfect Diet for that 
special occasion, when 10 pounds would mean a lot! 
A wedding, a graduation party or just for the week-end to 
meet people and have some fun. The average weight loss is 
10 full pounds!  I know.  My family and friends use it! 
On more than one occasion too ! 

The diet is 3 full meals a day, plus snacks, that include a 
special combination of normal, everyday food that, 
once eaten, speed up the metabolism in your body to produce 
a dramatic weight loss. 

Start on Tuesday and you are ready for the week-end 
or that special event. 10 pounds means clothes feel better 
and you feel better! I feel great confidence when my weight 
is under control. Most people do! 

Please order by sending $5 dollars to the address below. I have 
had and used this diet over 7 years, so $5 dollars is not a 
bad deal! Please include your mailing address or e-mail address 
as I can send it both ways. Or you order by check on the web 
at the address below and we will e-mail it to you. 
This is perfectly secure and will get much faster results. 
You choose!       Thank You and Good Luck! 

WebCheck Order:   http://www.davidc.com/pages/dietorder.html 

Mail Order: 
Health and Diet, Inc. 
PO Box 26005 
Akron, Ohio 

Go In Peace To Love And Serve. 

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