Pittsburgh: Great Science. Great Quality of Life

Dom Spinella dspinella at chugaibio.com
Fri Jun 26 09:49:55 EST 1998

Seth Corey writes:

> Four post-doctoral positions are available in my lab which includes
> four technicians and two post-doctoral scientists.
> Theme is hematopoietic cell signalling.
> Pittsburgh is a great town. Much much cheaper to live in than
> Boston, San Diego, or San Francisco. The restaurants have
> just as good sushi, mooshi, samozas, or new american cuisine.
> Cheapo tickets to the theatre, concerts (Bach or Beck), foreign
> films. Easy to get to. No traffic. No hot subways. Airport is
> easy to get to, and most big cities (D.C., NYC, Toronto) are
> couple hours away by car.
> No crime. No smog.

What terrific criteria on which to base a decision to do a post-doc that
will influence the rest of a career! Tell me -- is there a pigeon
fanciers club in Pittsburgh as well?  If so, I may just resign my
current position and apply myself! 
-- Dom Spinella

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