digesting PCR product with restriction enzymes (Activity Chart)

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>  snip
 Also, if you can get your hands
> on a copy of Biochemica No. 2 (it's a trade publication by Boehringer
> Mannheim I think) there is a good write-up on this subject on page 14. It
> includes a table that lists the activities of many common enzymes in PCR
> buffer relative to their activities in the manufacturer's buffers.
> Marc Crepeau
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> > Hello all.
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> > When digesting PCR product with restriction enzymes. Does the Taq, the oil
> > or whatever in the PCR inhibits the action of the restriction enzymes.  My
> > question is: cant you use restriction enzymes directly on the PCR products
> > in question or do you have to get rid of all the "junk" first.

This is Biochemica No. 2, 1995.  It is available as a PDF file from
Boehringer at :

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