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Fri Jun 26 13:41:34 EST 1998

Hi Bill, 

Yes, I'm aware of DejaNews. My opinion of this is split:
It's very easy to access almost any newsgroup you can figure out, 
especially in that case when your web access doesn't include news. 
It's the one of the few ways (if not the only) for posting and 
subscribing to a group if you don't know how to reach it by email.
In the case of BIONET I'm not very happy about this because there 
are the BIONET-servers where you can read their newsgroups and post 
by email, they provide the links for that. 
And of course DejaNews needs to be financed by ads on their pages.
It was better if there were a directory (is there any?) of 
newsgroups with pointers to the servers actually running them.

Yes, I said that I wouldn't like my posts to be archived on sites I 
am not aware of. There's a way of indicating such a dislike by adding 
a line like "xxx no-archive" (I don't know the correct command, maybe 
somebody else is able to supply it) wich should work on servers like 
DejaNews. The worth of a discussion group like 
bionet-molbio.methds-reagnts significantly decreases if one can't 
retrieve older postings. So I haven't been concerned about this issue 

Bill, if you continue the archive on your site, I'd encourage you at 
least to place appropriate links to the BIONET servers and links for 
posting to the group by email so that those who don't have an access 
to news could draw some benefit out of it.
But you must be aware that you are exploiting structures that other 
people and institutions have set up upon their own costs and effort. 
I don't know if they are happy about it. Maybe you should get in 
touch with them.

Getting upset on this topic seems to be a german specific issue 
anyway, Cornelius Krasel and me seem to be the only two who are 
concerned about this while other people here rather voted pro your 
archive. I don't know if the staff from BIONET contacted you 
directly; maybe they aren't concerned about your idea anyway or even 
think it to be favourable.

So, Bill, have a nice weekend.


> I noted in my newsgroup reading several postings from DejaNews. 
> Upon visiting their site
> I found that they were doing *exactly* what you were complaining
> about - namely using the posts for commercial exploitation.  Unlike
> my effort which was re-posted without commercial addition - and btw,
> I don't see how KPL was going to make any money directly from the
> posting - this is a site which is loaded with commercials.  There is
> no reference to BioSCI that I noticed. They apparently capture the
> whole bionet directory and put it into their database.
> Were you aware of this site?  In the absence of copyright, there
> really isn't any way to prevent public domain material from
> redistribution.    
> Best regards,
> Bill
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