ways to get around self activation in yeast 2 hybrid...

Sai Iyer siyer at bs.jhmi.edu
Thu Jun 25 16:16:38 EST 1998

hail all,

	my construct is a strong self activator when i use it as a BD fusion to
fish interacting proteins from a cDNA library.  use of 3 amino triazole
is not a option since the activation is immediate (in context to 2
hybrid activation times) i.e in about 5 min.  so is there any other
possible option that i can employ to fish out interacting proteins from
a library using 2 hybrid?? i should mention that i dont have 
any candidate clones yet; so switching BDs and ADs is also not an option

Sai Iyer (siyer at bs.jhmi.edu)
Pre-doctoral fellow i.e lowly graduate student
Dept. of Biological Chemistry
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

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