ethidium bromide: add to gel before pouring or stain afterwards

Aniko Varga vargaa at UNBC.CA
Sun Jun 28 17:07:26 EST 1998

thx for the ideas...

we use our gels a max of three times to cut costs with the high res
gels... run the dna and etbr off before melting, touched-up with some
distilled water, not buffer (to avoid too salty of gels) to bring back
to initial volume

destaining is a hassle... especially with large gels, moving them from
bath to bath... any easy ways to do this, especially with large gels?

i was aware that etbr can impede migration, read it somewhere in some
procedure manual that it can slow down migration by 15% compared to gels
without etbr...
--> of course due to its migration in the opposite direction
as the dna and buffer that it has intercalated with...


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